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AZIMUTH helps you to sustain and leverage your investments in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)!


As such, experts from AZIMUTH accompany you in all ERP implementation phases, from the selection of an ERP that meets your corporate needs to its implementation. Our concise ‘straight to the point’ approach can be summarized in the following steps:

  • AZIMUTH carries out a review by assessing your IM/IT business needs to determine whether or not the investment in the implementation of an ERP is required. Our review is supported by a business analysis and a business case.
  • We support you in the selection of the best suited ERP, either through a proof of concept or by other means.
  • If an ERP is required, we will set-up a Project or Program Management Office to manage its implementation. We will also help you staff the Project or Program Management Office.
  • We help in the configuration, testing, deployment and the migration of data.
  • We remain by your side through the ERP implementation by performing technical and functional reviews at key gates within the project or program.
  • We train users and reference users.
  • Finally, AZIMUTH will execute on change management activities which will lead to a successful implementation of your ERP.
At AZIMUTH, we do SAP, Oracle and FreeBalance implementations!

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