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The initiatives of changes within an organization require of time, of the energy and the resources. AZIMUTH will help you reach the adequacy completed for your initiatives of changes!

Project Management Office Setup

Your organizational structure arranges several project types. You have the concern that your standards and practices of project management are deployed and respected in an identical way on all the projects within your company. The answer to this need is naturally the implementation of a Project Management Office Setup.
At AZIMUTH, we help you to set up the Project Management Office which will allow you to manage effectively your resources, to assure the development and the preservation of an appropriate expertise and to maximize the return on investment of your organization.
Our skills on the subject are diverse: of the definition of the mission and the objectives of the office of projects, in the definition of the processes bound to the portfolio management, to the financial management, to the methodology and to the measure of performance, via the organizational diagnosis of the management of your existing projects, to the definition of the roles and the responsibilities of the organizational structure and the services offered by the Project Management Office, we are able of meeting your needs.

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